DIAL 911 for Emergencies
Union Hose Fire Co. 1
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The Union Hose Fire Co. 1 purchased it's first truck in 1922 which was a LaFrance our payments were $636.35.  The truck served the company for many years until they bought a used 1942 Rio.  This was a secong truck they used until 9 years later in April of 1951 the company agreed to purchase a Mack model 45a for use by the company, and in December of 1951 they received the truck from Mack.  The truck is still owned by Union Hose and is used for parades and funerals only.  This truck was replaced by the purchase of another Mack in 1970 and was used until we replaced it in 1994 with a Pierce Contender and also a 2005 Ford F550 Quick Attack.



 2005 Quick Attack, 1994 Pierce Responder, 1951 45a Mack


 1994 Pierce Responder



 2005 Ford F550 Quick Attack


In case of emergency dial 911